Kettle Pond

A kettle pond in the National Seashore near the Weidlinger House.  All three of the Trust’s house are in this national park in unspoiled natural landscapes.

General Overview of the Residence Program

The Outer Cape’s modern houses were laboratories and studios for their original inhabitants, who were inspired by their friends and collaborators who lived nearby and by the natural world that surrounded them. Serious work was done here, both solitary and communal.

When the idea of leasing and restoring the abandoned modern houses arose, we hoped that they would be lived in, and used by a new generation of artists and problem solvers, rather than becoming museums. Working in a new location often helps people look at their work in a new way and the spirit and ethos of these three house, in particular, offer a fresh perspective.

Our residency program runs in a 4 year cycle:

Year 1. An architectural competition (such as Add-on’13 in 2013) to address  current design related issues in the local community.

Year 2. A juried residency followed by an exhibit, which will rotate between photography and other visual arts.

Year 3. A symposium with presentations on a theme related to preservation, modernism, the local landscape, and or the Outer Cape’s mid-century creative community. The residents would be scholars and/or presenters working on related projects.

Year 4. The residency program changes according to suggestions by board members and outside curators.



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