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2016 was the year we became debt-free and launched on a sustainable path to move our mission forward.

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A look back at 2016

The Kohlberg House

We have been negotiating with the National Park Service for a lease on a forth abandoned modern house. We hope to receive a lease in the Spring and start restoration work immediately. The Kohlberg House was made by design/builder Luther Crowell, a local from a very old Cape Cod family who absorbed many ideas from the famed modern architects in the area.

The house sits atop one of the highest dunes looking out to the Atlantic’s horizon. Many thanks to the Kohlberg family for supporting our efforts.

The Children’s Room

Our celebration of the art and design of Wellfleet’s mid-century children’s books, The Children’s Room, was enjoyed by many during the over four months it was hanging at the Wellfleet Historic Society.

This project included the re-printing of Two Little Birds and Three by Juliet Kepes as well as a collection of her illustrations. You can buy the book from us here:

Thanks to the Wellfleet Public Library and the Wellfleet Historical Society and Museum.


Lectures by Founding Director Peter McMahon included the Architectural Association in London, North Carolina State University school of architecture and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Aside from out regular Sunday tours, we hosted tour going enthusiasts and students from Australia, Japan, Copenhagen and Finland.

Martha’s Vineyard house tour

Our July house tour on the Vineyard opened a window on a remarkable group of little-known houses by Eliot Noyes and other experimental designers. For more info and photos check out our previous blog posts.


Watch this space for upcoming events and make us part of your 2017 Summer plans!