Hall House Addition (c) k. schoenfelder 2009

The Trust would like to thank Katherine Schoenfelder for the many volunteer hours she has donated to the CCMHT. Her photographs have been used in much of the recent publicity celebrating the restoration of the Kugel/Gips House, and we appreciate the time, effort, and skill that went into these photos.

When I attempt to photograph the space people say, “Oh, the place looks nice.” When I e-mailed Katherine’s photo, I received responses like, “My God! Does the house really look that great?!” Proving, again, that there is a vast difference between the quality of the work of an amateur and that of a professional.

In addition to being an excellent commercial photographer, Katherine is also skilled as a designer and a fine artist. More about Katherine can be found at http://www.eigenimages.com

Thank you again, Katherine.