Last weekend CCMHT hosted Rural Communities Today a symposium exploring regional issues of rural development, resources and opportunities. As part of our residency program we invited a group of prominent thinkers whose work focuses on urban/rural issues. In two events – one private and one public they met with local and regional stake-holders to discuss the Cape and Island’s planning challenges, including over-taxed natural resources, affordable housing, population loss, infrastructure innovation, and changing land use priorities.
Many thanks to the wonderful scholars who took part in the discussion Saturday, at the Chermayeff House, including: Susannah Drake, Neil Brenner, Jamie Stein, Mark Adams, Robert Goodman, Kenneth Frampton and Silvia Kolbowski, as well as our organizers, Tulay Atak and Teddy Kofman, with help from Malachi Connolly, Daphne Binder, Seungsu Kim, Sierra Dickey and Duks Koschitz. And many thanks to Geoge Price for joining our Sunday public event at the Wellfleet.

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