CCMHT, in collaboration with Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, held a sold out Modernist House Tour on August 21st. The tour included one Truro house (Phillips/Wilson House (1910/1936/1945) designed by Jack Phillips) and four Wellfleet houses (Admiral Chester Nimitz House (1960) by Olav Hammerstrom, Swiggart/Painter House (1968), by Students of Maurice K. Smith, Rothman House (1973) by Elliot and Martha Rothman, Tisza House (1960) by Olav Hammerstrom. The tour began with a short talk at Castle Hill by our founding director, Peter McMahon.

The Tisza House was designed by Hammerstrom for Lazlo Tisza, an M.I.T. physicist who discovered how to liquefy helium.

We plan on having another tour next summer.

We also held our annual Modern House Bike Tour in Wellfleet this September, which included the beautiful Fromboluti House (1965) by Charlie Zehnder, and the Weidlinger House, designed by Paul Weidlinger for himself and his family. The Weidlinger House has been abandoned for 16 years and CCMHT will begin to restore it in 2012.