Saturday, July 23
We are trying something new this year.
A tour of extraordinary, and little known, modern houses on the Vineyard.


The tour goes from 11am to approx. 4pm, beginning and ending at the Straight house overlooking Nashaquitsa Pond in Chilmark. There is plenty of parking for those driving. For those without cars we will be providing some transport from the ferry to Chilmark. More info to follow. Cabs are also available on the island.
Tour goers will be shuttled from the Straight house to Flanders Lane, where there is a short walking tour of four houses, and then be shuttled to the Preston house, which is a short walk back to the Straight house. Refreshments will be served.
The tour includes:
 1. Simonsen House, 1960, Eliot Noyes
 2. Wisniewski House, 1961, Chester (Chet) Wisniewski
 3. Brody House, 1962, Samuel M. Brody
 4. Noyes House, 1956, Eliot Noyes
 5. Preston House, 1969, Eliot Noyes
 6. Straight House, 1964, David H. Condon. Sunken Garden, 1964, Dan Kiley
Tickets are $70 each
Back story
On the dirt roads around Menemsha pond, in the town of Chilmark, there is a collection of exceptional modern houses designed by important architects, in their youth, mostly for themselves and their families.  Eliot Noyes’ 1956 house grew over time into a compound of structures around a shady quadrangle. He built four other house on the island, two of which are on this tour.
Chet Wisniewski, who taught at Cooper Union and co-founded Davis, Brody and Wisniewski, bought land and designed a daring house with umbrella-like pre-fab roof modules and interior and exterior walls made entirely of glass.
He encouraged friends Richard Stein and Sam Brody, who also taught with him at Cooper, to build next door.  Though very different these three house are all radical concepts, rigorously executed.
The Straight house was designed by David Condon, a pioneer in bringing modern architecture to post-war Washington DC and it’s suburbs.
See you there.
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