The Cape Cod Modern House Trust (CCMHT) is collaborating with Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT) this semester with the help of Chris Kilbridge, an architect who recently moved to Truro from the Pacific Northwest. Killbridge is teaching an advanced topics class with 16 architecture graduate students. The students are coming to Wellfleet this January and February to measure modern houses in Wellfleet and Truro for which no blueprints exist. The students will measure the houses thoroughly, do digital drawings as well as 3-D renderings and then present their analasis. Peter McMahon, founding director of CCMHT will be going up to WIT several times during the semester to lecture and attend reviews. CCMHT plans to partner with regional schools of architecture each semester on an ongoing basis. Students receive real life experience with an architectural preservation project while supplying valuable documentation of local, significant modern houses. McMahon says CCMHT would like to useexperimental modern houses as a jumping off point for future collaborations with school to address critical regional design issues such as affordable and sustainabe housing.